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Farming the land and sea for great produce

Farming the land and sea for high quality products

Labbett Family Farms Ltd is run by husband and wife, John and Amanda Labbett. John has spent his life fishing, farming and engineering.  If you are trying to get hold of John you will probably end up speaking to Amanda first. In addition to being a busy housewife and mother Amanda is your point of contact when placing orders with us- please excuse the background noise of children and barking dogs whilst on the phone!

In addition to farming cattle on land, Labbett Family Farms produces high quality shellfish on its two sea farms.  One is in the River Roach in Essex, the other in West Loch Tarbert Argyll.  

Local conditions and season affect shellfish farms and having two sites allows us to harvest the best quality oysters at any given time of year.

Another advantage to having farms so far apart and run totally separately (no exchange of shellfish/equipment/staff) enables us to provide shellfish year-round.  Our shellfish is regularly tested for E coli, Salmonella and Norovirus, should one site be shown to have elevated levels (this is a rare occurrence) we can switch all production to the other site.  This, alongside our state of the art purification plants, provides our customers with reassurance that our shellfish is safe to eat and that we can be reliable in supply- producers with only one site would not be able to harvest from it.

Labbett Family Farms would very much like to supply you with their produce, please take a look at our products page on this website, take a look at the individual oyster farm sites or give us a call on the number below.  You may see wild caught products from small boats on our page, these are sustainably caught either by diving or creel (pot) fishing by fishermen landing to our processing plants.

Labbett Family Farms also supplies growing equipment, site advice, purification (depuration) plants and microbiological testing to other growers and are now dealers for the Oyster Gro system, please take a look at the equipment page or give us a call if you are looking at starting a new farm or adapting / expanding your existing one.