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Farming the land and sea for great produce

Farming the land and sea for high quality products

John Labbett has many year’s experience in setting up and running oyster farms and shellfish depuration plant.  Please find below a selection of our services but do not hesitate to call us for more information.

All equipment is built / finished in our dedicated workshop and yard (away from our farming operations).  This is in Scotland however we have built up good relationships with a number of transport companies that enable us to supply across the UK.  We are very happy to travel to your site to provide build and commissioning where appropriate.

Oyster Cultivation Gear
Whether you are an existing oyster grower looking to expand or change your cultivation method to something easier to work, or a new grower looking for advice on starting your farm and what equipment you may need we would like to hear from you.

Screw Anchors
We can supply and fit screw anchors for your project.  Driven (usually) by a small excavator with a specially designed head these anchors can be screwed many metres into the seabed or ground.  We are able to drive piles in sub tidal, inter tidal and land areas.  Along with the usual use of securing longlines for our oyster gro products they can also be used for boat and buoy moorings and even piles for a jetty.  The screw anchors minimise impact on the seabed which makes them ideal for projects in sensitive areas.

Shellfish Depuration Plants
John has been building and running depuration plants for many years and specialises in containerised systems.  From initial site visit, design of plant and paperwork to commissioning and help with approval we can support you as required.  

Shellfish Testing
Labbett Family Farms hold accounts with the major UKAS accredited shellfish laboratories in the UK and can provide a service to small growers to include supplying of approved packaging materials and result interpretation and fault finding in the event of a poor result.

We have also undertaken large scale shellfish testing regimes (toxins/viruses etc), in some cases deploying and recovering samples weekly or monthly over a period of many years.  We also undertake growth trials for all species of bivalves.

Running farms ourselves, we take the issue of biosecurity very seriously.  Please ask us for our biosecurity plan for visiting or working on your site or if you have any particular questions.